Commercial and Institutional

Commercial and Retail

For office and commercial projects, high quality engineering design can create a better office working environment for staff, improve productivities and help retain the best staff for the business. For retail projects, ONEC will response to the needs and consideration of the developers, retail clients and their customers, aiming to create the best environment for customers and maximize the opportunities for business. With the multi-disciplinary services, ONEC’s building engineering team will take care of the whole project life cycle, not just from planning to design and construction stages, but also the subsequent asset management, refurbishment and renovation after construction.

Institutional and Government

Through working closely with the authority and other stakeholders, ONEC engineering team is committed to deliver the best solution for institutional projects and social infrastructure like schools, libraries, sports and community recreation centers. Through our experience with public and private sectors, all aspects of healthcare facilities construction requirements as required by codes and guidelines are carefully included through design stage and implemented during construction.

Committed to sustainability

With our sustainability design concepts, we will help clients to achieve the required level of sustainability to satisfy the criteria required by different certification bodies, for example the Canadian Green Building Council.