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For this month’s December/Holiday Edition of the ONEC Advantage Blog, we at ONEC would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season with a special message from our Managing Director, Richard Holley.

The holidays are nearly here! A look back reminds us of the learnings and successes, and a look forward spurs us to take on upcoming challenges head on.

This season, take the time to connect with your families. Appreciate them as we should and be to them what we can.

To our clients, vendors, subcontractors, and our great employees, we encourage you to take time to recognize the following:

  • The journey of 2023, we are stronger for it!
  • The idea of ‘layered growth’ and that we learn progressively from our past and rise to a higher level.
  • The challenges from the past can equip us for the future.
  • The opportunities for 2024 that await us and will challenge us.

This holiday season, we wish you some good solid family time!

Happy holidays from all of us at ONEC, and best wishes for the coming New Year!


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