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The holidays are nearly upon us, and this time of year encourages thoughtfulness, gratitude, and a desire to reflect on the year past as it ends. Please keep reading for a holiday message and well wishes from our Executive Team at ONEC.
Throughout the year, the days pass quickly as projects, meetings, reports, and all types of activities take up our time. And as we complete those tasks, sometimes independently and sometimes collaboratively, we relish in the successes and lessons learned as each milestone and deadline is achieved.

This Christmas and New Year, let’s draw attention to the most significant project we worked to accomplish and realize – being back together as families, colleagues, and friends after a period of uncertainty and isolation.

To all our clients, vendors, subcontractors, and our fantastic employees, we encourage you all to take time to recognize the following:

• The successes that we had.
• The failures that may have taught us more than the successes.
• The strength we gained by relying on one another.
• The growth we realized by not giving up during difficult times.
• The opportunities that are ahead of us.

But above all, remember, we did and will continue to do it together.

This holiday season, we wish you health and happiness and hope you enjoy spending time with family and friends while also remembering those less fortunate and practicing kindness and generosity.

Happy holidays from all of us at ONEC, and best wishes for the coming New Year!


We believe the only way to complete projects as you intended is to fully understand both your vision for the project and your decision-making process—this way, everything we do will be with your best interests in mind.

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