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At ONEC, our people are our success, and we know that a great workplace starts with the best people. What though, do we really mean by best? We define best in a multitude of ways – an unfailing dedication to safety, to quality, to continuous improvement, the satisfaction of our valued clients, but best at ONEC also means cultivating an environment in which we all inspire and empower one another to endeavor to make a positive impact within the workplace and within our communities. To share in experiences that bind us together in pursuit of the greater good and keep us reinvigorated, no matter what challenges loom on the horizon.

That is why we are proud to share this story about one of our employees and how his passion for cars and his community led him to participate in the 9th Annual Racing for a Cure in support of the Stollery Children’s Foundation.

This employee is a “car guy”. From the make and model of his car in the parking lot of our Edmonton HQ office to the posters in his office, it’s clear that he’s an enthusiast. It’s that interest that first drew him to Racing for a Cure, he explains.

“In the early days of Racing for a Cure, they used to do it at Castrol Raceway. People with supercars would take guests for laps of the 2.7 km road course in their cars. Stollery children would ride for free, but anyone could show up and pay for a lap in whatever car they wanted. I found out about it (Racing for a Cure) through one of the various motorsports associations I follow. I wanted to check it out to see all these million-dollar cars and maybe go for a ride in one or two of them. Plus, the money raised went to a good cause, so it was win-win.”

He first participated as a volunteer, directing people and car traffic, which allowed him to become more familiar with the event and its’ impact on the children it benefits.

“It’s not just all about cars and raising money,” he says. “It gives these kids a full day of VIP treatment and experiences to take their minds off whatever medical issues they’re going through at the Stollery. The day starts early out in Sturgeon County where the Stollery children go for helicopter rides. Then each driver takes a child riding shotgun in their exotic car on a journey through Edmonton passing historic landmarks and famous roads. There is a police escort for the parade of exotics when they come into the Legislature grounds with their kids riding shotgun. When the cars and kids come in, all these people are there waiting for them. Everyone cheers and makes a ton of noise for them like they’re A-List celebrities. You can see just by looking at the kids how much they enjoy their entrance and the entire event. It’s very emotional. I felt good knowing that I was helping an event that not only raised money for the kids in need but also gave them a fun and special day to enjoy for themselves.”

This year, thanks to a donation from ONEC, he intends to participate as a driver, hoping to make a more direct impact on the children.

“I have a friend whose infant son required a heart transplant at the Stollery. He would not be alive if it wasn’t for them. Kids don’t end up at the Stollery unless they have serious medical issues.”

As a driver, he will also have a dedicated fundraising page linked to his name, a page that we have shared within our organization, and now, here on the ONEC Advantage Blog as well: Click Here

His thoughts on donating or volunteering for this amazing cause?

“Do it. If you’re on the fence about donating, the donations go to a great cause that really needs it. If you’re on the fence about volunteering, it’s a huge event that can’t happen without many volunteers doing many different things.”

“It’s a great event to spectate as well,” he explains. “At the Legislature grounds, there will be all sorts of games and activities for families (climbing wall, reverse bungee, sumo suit wrestling, hamster balls, etc.) that are all free for the public. Access to view all the exotic cars is by donation, so even if you just attend you can help.”

In a time of such uncertainty, acts of kindness like these spread hope and positivity, within our organizations, and more importantly, within our communities. We hope this story has inspired you in the same way it has inspired all of us at ONEC.

For more information on the Racing for a Cure, or to donate/volunteer, visit:


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