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Today’s world, now more than ever, demands that change be met with agility. Whether it be a pandemic that alters the economic environment, a new technology that revolutionizes the market, or internal changes within a business itself, our ability to adapt to change determines whether we develop, grow, and ultimately reach our fullest potential.

ONEC is no stranger to change. Our willingness to take risks, acclimate, and innovate has helped shape our identity and direction as a company. Our leaders have been champions for change. They have helped us overcome challenges and led our teams to a future full of possibilities.

This month’s blog post is dedicated to one such leader – Ken Blake, President of ONEC Construction Inc. and previously Chief Financial Officer of ONEC Group Inc. Ken has a long running history with ONEC and has been an integral part of the company’s growth and development over the last 12 years. Ken helped guide and support the vision that helped ONEC grow from 50 to 300 employees, expand into new markets both nationally and internationally, and diversify our services.

Ken is also seeking change and will be moving on from ONEC this summer to begin a new chapter in his professional career. We would like to express our thanks for his many contributions over the years, and though he will be missed, wish him great success in his new endeavors.


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