Custom Manufacturing
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Since 2000, ONEC has developed several stand-alone products for specific industry needs. We work directly with our clients to engineer, design, and build products to their exact standards.


    ANSI Compliant Safety Shower Systems

    ONEC can assist you with the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of complete industrial safety shower systems that provide tempered water at the correct conditions to meet Canadian Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Regulations. We often consult to existing facilities and provide upgrades necessary to meet OH&S as well as ANSI compliance.  Over the years, we have also developed industrial safety shower products to address the unique northern climates in Canada. 

    Instrument and Analyzer Shelters

    Stand-alone instrument and analyzer shelters are regularly used by companies in Oil and Gas and Chemical industries as a compact and highly space-efficient resource. These buildings offer a portable solution that can be fully automated, yet remain in remote areas. They run full chemical processes, record information, analyze conditions, and transmit data to the client’s receiver.

    Instrument and Analyzer shelters are usually installed in extremely harsh weather conditions and therefore must be built using quality materials under strict industry standards in order to withstand the demanding conditions and perform to expectations. After final inspections and quality checks the buildings are securely packaged and loaded for shipping.

    Custom Skids

    Over the past number of years, ONEC has been contracted to engineer and fabricate several custom skids. On each project, ONEC works with its client to ensure that the end product will be tested, certified and operationally ready. ONEC is always looking to provide unique solutions to our clients.

    Modular Potable Water Treatment Plants

    ONEC Group produces customized potable water treatment plants designed to comply with your personal requirements. Our specialized approach delivers a safe, dependable, and convenient supply of water for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. ONEC Group’s water treatment buildings produce treated water that meets and exceeds the North American drinking water standards, so you always know it’s safe to use.

    Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module Building

    ONEC’s 5kW (HFC) Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module Building is the latest green solution to meet your emergency or continuous use power needs. Our innovative, self-contained unit is fully functional and ready to go. The unit operates on industrial grade hydrogen, provided by either bottles or an external supply. The module delivers clean, reliable power in emergencies acting as an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) while the primary power supply is being restored. 

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