Custom Skids

Over the past number of years, ONEC has been contracted to engineer and fabricate several custom skids. On each project, ONEC works with its client to ensure that the end product will be tested, certified and operationally ready. ONEC is always looking to provide unique solutions to our clients.

Steam Trap Skids

ONEC was contracted to provide engineering, fabrication, and ABSA certification of ten steam trap skids. Client specifications and size limitations defined the development and ABSA certification of the final products. Every skid was provided with documentation of its individual pressure test.

Glycol Heating Skids

ONEC was contracted to provide engineering, fabrication, and testing of a glycol heating skid. The project involved sourcing many highly specialized, custom manufactured equipment components. Pressure vessel and piping system checks were done throughout the engineering and fabrication process.

Diesel Dispensing Skids

ONEC provided engineering, construction, and commissioning services for two pump and gravity-fed diesel fuel dispensing skids. The project included a full operation and maintenance manual, including a detailed bill of materials parts lists for simple future parts replacement. Rigorous amounts of testing using our Q&A department ensured the end product was fully certified and operation ready. All equipment was compliant across a wide spectrum of industry codes.