Modular Potable Water Treatment Plants

ONEC Group produces customized potable water treatment plants designed to comply with your personal requirements. Our specialized approach delivers a safe, dependable, and convenient supply of water for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. ONEC Group’s water treatment buildings produce treated water that meets and exceeds the North American drinking water standards, so you always know it’s safe to use.

Customized modular design for fast and easy installation and relocation

ONEC Group’s fully self-contained water plants are preassembled and designed for easy shipment. Minimal site set up or assembly is required, and relocating the plant is simple. Once the plant has been removed from its location, no trace of the system is left behind— making our plants the ideal solution to the decentralized treatment of potable water for residential, commercial and industrial services.

Designed with the client in mind

Our portable water treatment plants are designed and built to withstand even the harshest of climates. Each plant is rated for extreme cold temperatures, high winds and weather conditions such as heavy snowfall and rain. The plants can also be fully equipped with freeze protection to ensure continued water treatment service, and to preserve the integrity of the plants’ piping and equipment.


Custom Water Treatment Buildings