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We provide our industrial and commercial clients with preliminary and detailed structural and civil engineering expertise. Our Civil/Structural Engineers are experienced in structural design, implementation, and assessment.

Our team ensures each and every design is safe, compliant, practical, and constructable.

Our Work

Galoryl System Upgrade

ONEC provided detailed mechanical and piping engineering, structural engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and instrumentation and controls engineering for a replacement Galoryl application system. The system ONEC designed was more effective and reliable than the previous operation. Process enhancements of the new system eliminated deficiencies and alleviated downstream stockpiling hazards.

Involvement: Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Controls Engineering

Meter Bank 3 Direct Inject Reactivation

ONEC provided detailed engineering, a review of spine rack foundations and structural steel capacities, model development for new relief piping layout, deliverable development for regulator application, deliverables in support of Hazop, intelligent design model for deliverable generation, a final constructability review of the layout, IFC drawings, QA/QC of IFC deliverables, Bills of Materials for estimating, procurement support, construction support, and as-build support for contractor redlines.

Involvement: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management

Structural Condition Assessment of Dome Structures & Mezzanine Platform Reference

ONEC performed a structural condition assessment of two concrete dome-shaped structures and one office located at a waste management center. The dome structures had significant interior surface area to observe for cracks or other signs of structural distress. The structures were broken into a series of segments and reviewed by ONEC engineers seeking predetermined evidence of damage, overstressing, poor design or construction details or any other concerns noted. ONEC collected and mapped observations for each of the subject structures, to allow for a full understanding of the status of the structures being reviewed. An analysis was performed to determine the current condition of the structures. A comprehensive report along with a cost-effective and constructible repair detail was provided for the deficiencies raised while performing the building condition assessment and structural analysis. The project was completed under budget and met the three-week tight delivery requirements.

Involvement: Structural Engineering

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