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About Us

ONEC Midstream

Specializing in Midstream Station and Terminal design, ONEC is proud to present ONEC Midstream Inc. Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of some of the most highly skilled and experienced engineers and designers in today’s market who are exceedingly versed in all aspects of station and terminal design.

The ONEC Midstream team is led by Jeff Yeo.

What we DO

Engineering Services

  • Steady state hydraulic modeling
  • Transient hydraulic modeling
  • Pipe stress analysis
  • Structural analysis
  • Civil site layouts
  • Storm water management
  • Secondary containment design
  • Tank and tank foundation design
  • Distribution manifolds
  • Booster and mainline pumps
  • Custody transfer metering and proving
  • Pipe rack and steel structures
  • Integrated module and skid design
  • Industrial fire protection design
  • Industrial building and shelter layouts
  • Power and control distribution systems
  • Electrical cabinet layouts
  • Control and communication architecture
  • Material requisitions, procurement support, and expediting
  • Construction management support

Innovation & Design

  • Maximizing flexibility
  • Advanced transient hydraulics
  • Reducing project cycle time
  • Brownfield facilities, layout optimization, and debottlenecking

Software Suites Available

  • Process Simulation
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • 3D Modeling & Drafting


Jeff Yeo

Jeff Yeo

ONEC Midstream Manager

Jeff Yeo joined ONEC in 2017. He is regarded as the industry leader in midstream visual presentation, 3D modelling, and design. Through his 27 years of experience in all aspects of pipeline and facility design, Jeff has developed cutting-edge techniques and a unique approach for producing the most accurate, elaborate, and value-added 3D models. Jeff’s experience, combined with his passion for representing the physical as digital, has provided ONEC with a vision of what the future of midstream engineering could be, should be, and will be: excellence with a smile.

Jolene Sevigny

Jolene Sevigny

ONEC Midstream Project Manager

Jolene joined ONEC in 2017. She is a project manager and document controller with a sharp eye for identifying problems or potential improvements for presentation packages, business development presentations, and detailed engineering deliverables. She is proficient in all aspects of project management including ensuring projects meet all requirements and procedures, recording and tracking internal and external distribution of documents, ensuring timely transfer of electronic files to and from clients, and ensuring all required fields of information on drawing requests and drawings are entered.


Neil Wong

Neil Wong

ONEC Midstream Project Design Manager

Neil joined ONEC in 2017. Fluent in a multitude of industry leading design and visualization software, Neil is considered well-versed in business development and engineering design. His various expertise includes but is not limited to, estimating, proposal development, budgeting, scheduling, resource loading, progress reporting, change management tracking, deliverable reviewing, discipline management, and coordination. Neil is able to comprehend and overcome complex engineering challenges and quickly conceptualize viable solutions.

Let’s Make Something

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