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ONEC is committed to actively participating in the global clean energy movement.

As carbon reduction targets are established by the government and owners, ONEC seeks to help our existing and future clients meet these stipulations and reduce their carbon footprint in a way that considers the security of their energy and sustainable evolution towards greener operations.

Thus far, ONEC has had the privilege of participating in various coal-to-gas conversion projects, has partnered with clean energy providers and innovators such as Gencell and Breeze Compressed Air Pipeline Solutions, and has also been engaged in several solar, wind, and other alternative energy projects and continues to work with customers operating in these industry sectors. ONEC has attended multiple events in our communities geared toward a renewable energy future, including the 2022 Canadian Hydrogen Convention where our Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module was on site, Forward/Slash, an invite-only event for regional economic leaders, the Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association’s Annual Stakeholders Conference, and more.

The next step? Exploring other existing solutions in natural gas, bio, and other energies, and continuing to learn, grow, and serve as a leader in decarbonization initiatives so that we can offer our clients practical and customized solutions that will help them meet their own clean energy goals.

From project & construction management to engineering & design, ONEC’s diverse and talented staff will bring your project to life safely, efficiently, on budget, and on time. Contact us today to discuss evolving energy opportunities and how we can help.


We believe the only way to complete projects as you intended is to fully understand both your vision for the project and your decision-making process—this way, everything we do will be with your best interests in mind.

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