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onec Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module Building

 ONEC’s 5kW (HFC) Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module Building is the latest green solution to meet your emergency or continuous use power needs. 

Designed with the Client in Mind


Our innovative, self-contained unit is fully functional and ready to go. The unit operates on industrial grade hydrogen, provided by either bottles or an external supply.

The module delivers clean, reliable power in emergencies acting as an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) while the primary power supply is being restored, or as a continuous power source.

Housing up to 15 bottles of hydrogen as well as two bottles of nitrogen, our fully self-contained modular HFC unit is compact. At approximately 5.5 metres long, 2.4 metres wide, and 3.0 metres tall, this module can be transported on a standard fifth wheel utility trailer. It’s also incredibly quiet at 1m (55 dB). From outside the building it’s nearly silent!

Have your own hydrogen supply source? No problem. This unit is furnished with connections to accept hydrogen from alternative external sources (transportable supply tanks, bullet tanks etc.) for continual, non-emergency use!

Heat produced through the process of generating your power is expelled from the HFC or can be reclaimed for alternative uses.

Safe & Reliable

Clean & Green

Rated for Any Climate

Fast & Easy Installation and Relocation

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