Power (Fossil) Generation

Our focus is on providing efficient project delivery to reduce the operating costs for power generation.

ONEC has been actively involved in Power (Fossil) Generation since 2000 with multiple projects involving powerplant design. We provide engineering and construction services that span all major disciplines. Our projects include the turnkey design of peaking power plants, structural refurbishment of power plant buildings, and control upgrades. We also provide engineering services for remote Northern Canadian communities with diesel and hydropower generation systems. 

Inter-Stage Coolers Replacement Fabrication

ONEC was contracted to provide piping and structural pre-fabrication for replacement of inter-stage coolers.

Scope: Pre-Fabrication and Certification

Completion: 2017

Steam Trap Skids

ONEC was contracted to provide engineering, fabrication, and ABSA certification of ten steam trap skids. Client specifications and size limitations defined the development and ABSA certification of the final products . Every skid was provided with documentation of its individual pressure test.

Scope: Project Management, Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication and Certification

Completion: 2015

Glycol Heating Skids

ONEC was contracted to provide engineering, fabrication, and testing of a glycol heating skid. The project involved sourcing many highly specialized, custom manufactured equipment components. Pressure vessel and piping system checks were done throughout the engineering and fabrication process.

Scope: Project Management, Structural Engineering, Electrical and Controls Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Commissioning

Completion: 2015

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