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Oil and gas have always been a part of ONEC’s DNA.

For decades, we have worked with our clients to support the successful execution of oil and gas projects. Today, we continue to provide engineering, project management, and construction services to this industry, but we understand and recognize the importance of new technologies and the global clean energy transition.

In partnership with some of the country’s leading energy entities, ONEC has been working on several new initiatives involving clean fuel technology, specifically fuel cells powered by hydrogen and ammonia. Currently, fuel cells are not suited for Canada’s cold climate, but we have a solution. ONEC has designed and built a prototype enclosure to provide the necessary conditions to preserve fuel cells in all weather conditions. Once installed at a client’s facility, the prototype’s performance will be evaluated throughout each season.

We have certainly been busy.

We are also working on developing new clean fuel storage technologies. Solar and wind are the fastest growing sources of electricity in Canada, but there are still challenges to overcome. For example, how can we store the excess power generated by solar and wind to ensure we can meet demand as it rises and falls? Breeze Incorporated, a new partnership ONEC has formed, repurposes existing pipelines that are no longer viable into compressed air energy storage mediums that connect distant solar and wind farms with electrical utilities.

Though these technologies are new, the concepts are tried and true. There is still much to learn, but our experienced and innovative teams are proud to be doing their part to help propel the world forward towards a more sustainable future.

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