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Since our inception, ONEC has offered expertise to a broad spectrum of oil and gas projects.

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Our Oil & Gas Market Focused Team is used to working with stringent industrial standards, hazardous areas, and exotic or lined materials. With over a century of combined oil and gas experience, our team is fluent in common elements of the oil and gas industry, including comprehensive EPC&M services for the oil sands upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors, as well as LNG.


Neil Wong

Neil Wong


Neil joined ONEC in 2017 and has been providing engineering consulting services for almost 20 years. Throughout his career, Neil has had the opportunity to be involved in almost every major Canadian oil storage terminal project since the mid-2000s including Hardisty Merchant Terminal, Edmonton Terminal Expansion, Northern Gateway, Stonefell Terminal, South Edmonton Terminal, and the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. His various expertise includes but is not limited to, estimating, proposal development, budgeting, scheduling, resource loading, progress reporting, change management tracking, deliverable reviewing, discipline management, and coordination. Being highly motivated with decisive communication skills, Neil has a strong aptitude for driving work forward quickly and efficiently.

Jeff Yeo

Jeff Yeo

Design Lead

Jeff joined ONEC in 2017 and has over 30 years of oil and gas experience. Through his experience in all aspects of pipeline and facility design, Jeff has developed cutting-edge techniques and a unique approach for producing the most accurate, elaborate, and value-added 3D models. He has been involved in various projects for many clients, including Shell Canada, Enbridge, IPL, and Husky Energy. Jeff has been involved in projects that require extensive 3D conceptual layouts prior to detail engineering and is currently involved in exploring and implementing new AR technology within ONEC.


Floating LNG

ONEC is supporting our clients with Pre-FEED engineering which includes all infrastructure associated with supply essential services to the Floating Liquefied Natural Gas barge (FLNG) while minimizing physical disturbance to the onshore environment. ONEC’s Pre-FEED engineering scope typically includes a security office, warehousing, essential spares,  flammable liquid storage, perimeter fencing, access roads, parking areas, mustering areas,  electrical substations, and the gas pipeline terminus.

Involvement: Pre-FEED, Project Management, and Estimating


In order to increase the incoming shipper capacity to a terminal, the client installed a new piperack to a meter bank. This pipe rack was intended convey new delivery lines from various facilities with an ultimate buildout for two additional rack tiers and structural capacity for numerous future incoming shipper pipelines. A multitude of existing underground pipelines are located north of the existing east-west pipe rack within the new proposed rack alignment. To facilitate installation of the new pipe rack, two existing underground pipelines needed to be removed.

Involvement: FEED, Detailed Engineering, Procurement Support, Construction Support, and As-Building

Railcar Terminal Expansion

ONEC was contracted by a client to provide engineering and construction support services for an expansion of the caustic and acid railcar to a truck loading facility in Bruderheim, Alberta. This project included a new indoor truck loading terminal, expansion to railcar offloading, custody transfer metering, acid scrubber improvements, and full controls.

Involvement: Project Management, Structural Engineering, Electrical and Controls Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Commissioning

Metering Shelter

ONEC was contracted by a client to provide design and build services for a gas metering shelter for their Fort St. John facility. The shelter needed to meet stringent piping and the electrical requirement for sour service and classified areas. The skid included a custody transfer meter for gas sales to the pipeline along with monorail systems for easy removal for offsite calibrations.

Involvement: Full Design and Build Services

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