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Our focus is on providing efficient project delivery to reduce the operating costs for power generation.

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ONEC has been actively involved in power and utilities since 2000 with multiple projects involving powerplant design. We provide innovative solutions to our clients in the fossil-generation, hydroelectric, cogeneration, waste-to-energy, and geothermal sectors. Our flexible and adaptable project delivery strategies mean we can customize our approach to suit your needs, whether that’s front-to-end service models including EPC, EPCM, and design-build, or individualized services like engineering and design, and construction.

We also provide project delivery services for remote Northern Canadian communities with diesel and hydropower generation systems.


Richard Holley, PMP

Richard Holley, PMP


Richard has been with ONEC since 2007 and became a principal in 2013. He has over 30 years of experience in a spectrum of project management roles within numerous engineering and industry firms. Richard’s experience has mainly focused on the industrial sector with significant time spent in power generation along with some oil sands, forestry, and water treatment experience. He is familiar with design codes at a high level and project management procedures at a detailed level. He has had PMP certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) since 2005 and has formulated ONEC’s project management procedures accordingly.

Robert Mrzljak, P.L. (Eng.), PMP

Robert Mrzljak, P.L. (Eng.), PMP

Technical Lead

Robert is a Mechanical Engineer with over 12 years of experience in project management, project engineering, industrial process piping design and engineering, fuel gas piping design and engineering, P&ID/PFD development, and engineering drawings. Robert is experienced in field engineering, design support, construction support, commissioning support, field routing, drawing verification, as-building and has participated in numerous PHA and constructability reviews. He is proficient with a number of ASME and CSA codes.


Design Build - Generation

ONEC assisted a client with the install of 6MW of generation capacity at the client’s facility. The intent for the project is twofold – one being to consume waste gas and offset environmental concerns and two – to feed power to the grid. ONEC’s responsibility on this project was Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning.

Involvement: Design Build

Modular Water Treatment Plants

ONEC provided design and construction services to build five modular water treatment plants. Working from a conceptual design, and using treatment technology provided by GE Water and Process Technologies, ONEC undertook the detailed engineering to integrate the key process components into a modular structure that was constructed at its own facility in Edmonton. After a complete wet commissioning in Edmonton, the plants were shipped by truck to five remote communities in the Northwest Territories.

Involvement: Project Management, Process Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication, and Commissioning

Tank Farm Expansion

ONEC provided full engineering, procurement, and construction services for a tank farm expansion at a pharmaceutical facility in Edmonton. The client initially came to ONEC for a study as we had both designed and installed the previous tank farm expansion at the site. This project included four 50,000L, 316SS solvent tanks, loading/unloading facilities, pumps, metering, feed vessels, and filtering systems. Our team produced all engineering deliverables, procured equipment and bulk materials/tanks, and performed the construction.

Involvement: Engineering, Project Management, Procurement, Construction

ED Boiler Tubes Replacement

ONEC provided the complete replacement of 4 boiler fire tubes as directed by ABSA during a shutdown. Scope included the removal of older tubes, installation, and rolling, pressing, and welding to the tube sheet. ONEC also provided complete Hydrotesting and NDT.

Involvement: Project Management, Construction, Quality Control

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