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If you wait until the plant manager starts scraping the frost off his truck window before you start thinking about Electric Heat Tracing (EHT), you might be setting yourself up for disaster.


As summer draws to an end, it’s time to start winterizing your EHT, making sure your systems are operational, function-tested and ready for the cold months ahead. Taking a proactive approach not only keeps you ahead of the game, it can help you avoid EHT failure and the costs and headaches associated with equipment breakdowns or production downtime.


We have included some common plant winterization program elements and pre-checks below. These include checking to ensure that:

  • EHT systems are in a ready state
  • Insulation installation is complete
  • There are no EHT controller alarms
  • EHT cable is tested for expected lifespan, looking for near failure results
  • EHT feeder cable is tested for safe re-energization of the system
  • EHT RTD is tested for accurate temperature detection
  • Instrument tube bundle condition is inspected and tested
  • EHT communication systems are tested
  • Hardwire EHT alarms are tested

With our commitment to help you save time and money, ONEC can mitigate your EHT plant winterization program by providing you with:

  • Resources to complete your audits and a list of the recommended, minimum repairs that are required to get your existing systems ready for winter.
  • Factory certified EHT installation training, which can be executed at either your facility or ours for your optimum convenience.
  • Engineering reviews of existing EHT designs, which look for efficiencies and cost savings related to installation and long-term maintenance.
  • Engineering reviews of P&IDs and EHT zone drawings to ensure the installed EHT system meets your plant’s needs. If not, we will point out the problem areas, estimate recommended repairs and assist with scheduling those repairs into the plant maintenance plan.
  • The completion of MOC work packages to ensure timely execution prior to winter.
  • QA/QC inspections for recently completed EHT installations prior to operations turnover.
  • EHT commissioning support for upgraded/repaired installations.
  • CEC required engineering review all MI length changes over 3%.
  • On-call engineering support as required for the duration of the winter.

At ONEC, we offer complete EHT services from engineering and design, to installation and inspections, to third party design audits. We leverage strong relationships with suppliers to provide the best equipment to suit your needs. What’s more, we work hand-in-hand with our construction experts to ensure each and every design is cost-effective, safety compliant, practical and buildable.


For additional information, please contact Adam Link at 780-440-0400.


Upcoming EHT Training dates:


Friday October 2, 2015

Friday November 6, 2015


For more course information Click here.




When Sherritt International required a 172’ long stainless steel conveyor that needed to withstand the harshest, industrial environment, they trusted ONEC to deliver end-to-end services.


While stainless steel structures are not common, ONEC’s portfolio of expertise includes the fabrication and installation of such structures for chemical facilities, pharmaceutical plants and refineries, where galvanized or coated structures cannot withstand the environments.


In this instance, ONEC used our full set of structural and piping welding procedures — which extends to stainless steels, alloys and exotic materials — to fabricate the conveyor out of 304SS structural steel for corrosion protection. We then completed the conveyor installation during Sherritt’s 2015 summer shutdown. While the work was initially though to be on the critical path, ONEC is proud to say that we completed the installation early in the shutdown and within budget.




ONEC was recently featured in NAIT’s techlife magazine, in an article titled  “Flushed with Success.”  A link to the article can be found on our website under https://onecgroup.com/media-coverage/.




We’re pleased to welcome a new member to our expanding team.


Lawrence Kiyawasew joins ONEC’s Business Development team, focusing on the Edmonton and Northern markets. Lawrence will be ONEC’s primary contact for our Northern Alberta projects.


He can be reached at 780-440-0400 ext. 1082 or via email.





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