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HCFCs are a controlled substance under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (1999), and its Ozone-depleting Substances Regulations (1998), because of their ozone-depleting potential. Any importation and manufacturing of new or “virgin” HCFCs is regulated by a federal allowance system. Based on the terms of the Montreal Protocal, the Canadian government has adopted the following phase-out schedule for HCFCs:

Jan. 1, 1996: Baseline annual allowable amount of HCFCs based on Montreal Protocol

Jan. 1, 2004: Annual allowable amount of HCFCs reduced by 35%

Jan. 1, 2010: Annual allowable amount of HCFCs reduced by 75%

Jan. 1, 2010: No new R-22 equipment manufactured or imported

Jan. 1, 2015: Annual allowable amount of HCFCs reduced by 90%

Jan. 1, 2020: Annual allowable amount of HCFCs reduced by 99.5% except HCFC-123, which can be imported or manufactured until 2030 to service large air conditioning units (chillers) under the remaining .5% allowance. No new HCFC equipment to be manufactured or imported

Jan. 1, 2030: HCFCs no longer permitted to be imported or manufactured

For many owners, it’s time to replace their chillers or coolers utilizing HCFC refrigerants. Before the 2020 deadline, we foresee a shortage of available new chiller units because many people will wait until the very last moment. This can be a perfect time for owners to start reviewing their installations to determine their requirements of this phasing out schedule. This will help them respond accordingly, whether it is budgeting for future replacement, or the actual replacement itself.

For any support needs on this, please contact Peter Chan at 780-440-0400;1069.



jpegONEC recently completed the commissioning of a 6MW distributed generation facility for ATCO Power. The project got underway in the fall of 2015, with the project initiation and start of detailed design. Construction began in early spring of 2016, with the units reaching commercial operation on June 13, 2016.

This project marks a growing trend in the province towards the distributed generation model for power generation.



jpeg-1Some of our ONEC family attended the “United Way Red Tie Gala” on Thursday, February 25, 2016. The ceremony rewarded some Greater Edmonton Area companies that put together campaigns in 2015 for the United Way in a multitude of different categories. Some of the big winners included Stantec, Epcor, and Enbridge. No prizes for ONEC, but there is always next year!

Awards or not, the community committee would like to thank our whole ONEC family for their participation in events held for 2015. We all did an excellent job in making a difference to our community, and look forward to a bright 2016!

– Kyle Hawkings

jpeg-2In March, ONEC had the privilege of attending United Way’s 10 year Engineering Day of Caring Awards celebration, which highlighted their last decade, involving 25 companies, 10 projects, 7200 hours donated and $12.5M raised.

We participated in this event in 2015, and are proud we could help the United Way by being part of this wonderful “gift of giving”.

– Simon Kathrein

A raging wildfire threatened to destroy Fort McMurray, Alberta, forcing the evacuation of more than 80,000 residents from the oilsands city. You, our ONEC family, stepped up to the task and donated non-perishable food items & canned goods to the families in need, along with private donations through Canadian Red Cross and other official agencies. Thank you for all your support.



2016 marked ONEC’s first foray into Corporate Challenge. Partnering with Excel Insurance, we put on a great showing, placing 11th in the Green Division. Congrats to our Mechanical Engineering group, who won some medals!



jpeg-4jpeg-5jpeg-6Please welcome Peter Chan to the ONEC family.

Peter will have two roles: Senior HVAC Engineer and Manager for Building Systems Engineering. Peter comes to us from Jacobs, and was previously employed by companies such as Enbridge, AECOM Canada, Williams Energy and TAS Professional Services. He brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, including experience working on various base building mechanical and HVAC systems as Project Manager and Lead Mechanical Engineer. Peter attended the University of Alberta, where he obtained his BSc in Mechanical Engineering before taking the HVAC Specialist Program at NAIT. He also has a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Management from Athabasca University, and his Executive MBA from Athabasca University. In his role with ONEC Engineering, Peter will be responsible for leading our growth in HVAC and Building Systems Engineering.

Steven Zhang also joins our team, as part of the ONEC E&I group.

Steven comes to us with over 30 years of industry experience and has worked for various firms such as Honeywell, Stantec and Autopro. He has also completed DCS work for clients that include Syncrude, Shell and Suncor.

Steven brings experience and knowledge on the controls side, with respect to the Honeywell DCS and HMIs. Currently, he is on assignment in Calgary with Suncor to help create their SIS (safety instrument systems) test procedures.

Joining Steven in our E&I Group, is Carlin Sanders.

After 19 years of instrumentation and controls work, Carlin joins our team as a controls engineer. He has worked extensively with many of our existing clients and most recently, performed Triconex Safety PLC programming support for Shell. When he is not trying to find the motivation to go for a run, or the time to keep learning classical guitar, Carlin can be found working on his wife’s to-do list or driving his two daughters around to dance lessons, taekwondo and Air Cadets. On a typical weekend night, Carlin and his wife enjoy activities, such as going out for dinner and a movie, or to a concert with friends.

Last (but not least), we’d like to welcome Allan Yee to our team.

Allan will be supporting us on a part time basis with expertise in waste management and recycling. ONEC has had the pleasure of working with Allan over the past several years at the Edmonton Waste Facility. Allan is a Civil/Environmental Engineer, with over 30 years of experience in landfill operation, site support, operator training, contract administration and facilities management. His areas of expertise include waste treatment, composting, household hazardous/special waste management landfill monitoring, landfill gas and leachate management, and treatment. Throughout his career, Allan has been involved in facility and financial planning, as well as major capital facility construction.



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