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As an organization committed to innovation and growth, integrating co-op students into our workforce to offer them practical experience while gaining their fresh perspectives and enthusiasm is a win-win for ONEC.

While at ONEC, the students are often managed by a mentor and work with our multidiscipline engineering and construction teams to help hone their skills while supporting project deliverables at both of our Alberta locations.

Carter Craig, a Mechanical Engineering Co-Op student from the University of Alberta, joined our team for a term of 8 months. During his placement, he and Mechanical Designer and Industrial Animations Specialist, Aaron Briscall, combined forces to design a low-friction, magnetic levitation, wind turbine blade system.

The project began in February, and together, Carter and Aaron researched and designed the blades that would be mounted onto the levitating turbine assembly and produced a comparative study on the experiment. The pair used a 3D printer to create prototypes of the various blade designs, and documented their differences in a video that can be viewed below:

It is always ONEC’s goal to provide a positive experience for co-op students, and it was fantastic to witness both Aaron and Carter working so diligently on a renewables-focused endeavor like this project.

We thank them both for their hard work and wish Carter all the best as he continues his studies.

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