As an organization committed to the BEST, we want to help Western Canada and Western United States’ budding industry leaders utilize their innovation and skills to bring exciting new services and locations to fruition.

How We Help

Designed for those with a drive to create and a desire to build, the ONEC Launch Initiative offers you the opportunity to bring your ideas to market swiftly with the support and security of ONEC behind you.

Admin, Accounting, Marketing and Management Support

A Roadmap for Success

Early-Stage Capital for Initial Start-Up

This initiative comes at no cost to you, however there will be no compensation from ONEC for the effort and time you invest in this venture – the incentive is that both parties will benefit from this endeavor by working together to make your vision a reality.

How To Begin

If you are interested in establishing a new business venture under the banner of ONEC, simply contact us at with your concept and we will happily evaluate how we might work together.

Following the evaluation and approval of your concept, we will work with you to help develop a business plan that you will present to our Board of Directors. If the Board accepts your proposal, ONEC will welcome you to the team and begin helping you launch this new venture. Once the business is proven to be sustainable, we will assess opportunities to share in this growth (partnerships, etc.).

"BEST has always been the target."

– Denis Wiart