ONEC Logistics

Our goal is to supply logistic support services for the movement of construction manpower for new major industrial projects throughout British Columbia.

About Us

ONEC Logistics

ONEC Logistics is proud to be a partner with Haisla Nation Council as ONEC Logistics Kitamaat LP.

Our team implements the latest in industry trends and best practices to provide our clients with seamless travel management. We understand that our clients’ needs can change quickly depending on weather, shift schedules, and changing project requirements. Our team’s familiarity and experience in FIFO programs for major projects ensures we have the expertise needed to deliver only the best in travel logistics management.

What we DO

Air Transportation Management

ONEC Logistics takes the guess work out of travel management to maximize efficiencies for our clients and their staff.

Travel Center

Our Travel Center is located at the Terrace/Kitimat Northwest Regional Airport. The Travel Center is where passengers transfer between ground transportation and the boarding/disembarking from an aircraft, as well as the location to process passengers and their luggage to their intended destination.

Luggage Delivery Services

We will offer clients luggage-free travel from the time they check in to the time they arrive at their final destination.


Jason MacDonald

Jason MacDonald

ONEC Logistics President

Jason joined the ONEC team in 2018 and brings with him over 20 years of professional experience in policing, security, and travel logistics. After a successful career specializing in drug enforcement for the RCMP, Jason transitioned into the oil and gas industry as an operations leader for travel logistics in relation to fly-in/fly-out programs for major projects. Jason then began to focus on the LNG industry in Northwest BC and has spent the last three years developing successful relationships with industry and Indigenous communities in the area.

Let’s Build Something

 Our goal is to complete your
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time, on budget, and to the highest possible
standards, so you never have to worry.

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