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Let’s take it back to 2000, a worldwide celebration of the end of the 1000s millenniums, the epitome of new beginnings, and the origination of ONEC Group of Companies.

The name ‘ONEC’ itself comes from the merge of two entities – Oncore Construction Services and Eco-Technica Engineering Services. Two separate companies with two separate services offerings. Bound to the concept of providing a one-stop-shop for project delivery in Alberta, the founding five owners of Oncore and Eco-Technica decided to unite the two companies together.

The result? A unique entity supplying EPC project services, built on a foundation of innovation, improvement, and growth.

Since then, we’ve navigated the highs and lows of the economy in Alberta, always remembering that with the right risk comes reward. We’ve ventured into unknown territory, both in terms of new streams of business and new office locations. We’ve welcomed new teams and new ideas. We’ve sought out new technologies. We’ve forged new partnerships dedicated to the idea of shared expertise and shared success.

We’re proud of where we came from, of how we got here, and where we are now. We look back at these past 20 years and are filled with gratitude for the clients and staff that have joined us on this journey. But we’re not done.

Our purpose is to continually improve the industrial facilities of our business partners through effective project delivery, maintenance, and innovation. To improve ourselves, to grow, so that we can meet the needs of our clients, remain nimble, and give back to the communities we work in.

We look forward to celebrating our 20-year anniversary this summer with the long-term clients, new clients, ONEC alumni, long-term staff, and new staff. Remembering what we’ve accomplished and anticipating all that we plan to do.

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