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On November 3, ONEC held its very first ONEC Technologies Open House at our Edmonton shop location. Although hosting an event during a pandemic posed specific challenges and limitations, we were thrilled to be able to safely interact with some of our clients face-to-face for the first time in a long time and showcase some of our latest innovations alongside some of our valued business partners.

The main attraction of this Open House was the ONEC Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module Building, which was engineered and constructed in-house by our multidiscipline engineers and construction professionals. The building uses hydrogen and the only GenCell Energy generator in Alberta to deliver clean, reliable, emissions-free power in emergencies while the primary power supply is being restored. We were lucky enough to host a representative from Gencell Energy and some staff from Edmonton Valve & Fitting, who supplied the gas distribution equipment and services for the module. It was a pleasure to have these individuals on hand to answer any attendee questions about their specific products and offerings.

Other products featured at this Open House included the Capstone Microturbine, which operates on various fuel sources, including natural gas, biogas, propane, and waste gases in recovery applications to generate electricity and heat. ONEC is both a satisfied client and an ongoing installation partner for Capstone.

Also in attendance was CIFI Inc., a 20-year veteran manufacturer of removable, reusable insulation blankets for industrial applications.

We would like to thank everyone who was able to attend for coming and look forward to hosting additional ONEC Technologies Open Houses soon!

Check out the ONEC Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module video below to see the building come to life. Stay tuned until the end to see a sneak peek of the Open House!


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