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Designed and constructed in-house by ONEC’s multidiscipline team of engineers and construction professionals, the Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) Module Building is your green solution for emergency or continuous power needs.

Available in custom sizes and options, the HFC uses nitrogen and hydrogen supplied to a hydrogen generator system to produce up to 5kW of green, emissions-free power!

Generate 48V DC, 120V AC, or 240V AC power with the option to accept hydrogen from other external sources such as trailers or supply tanks to extend power indefinitely as required. Even the building’s exterior is customizable and can include your choice of logos, image, and text!

The unit includes:

  • An industrial skid base frame
  • Galvanized steel cladding panel
  •  Insulated wall panels
  • Wall ventilation louvers
  • Hydrogen power generator system
  • Hydrogen and nitrogen bottle housing
  • Custom gas distribution panel

With our unique combination of engineering and construction expertise, you can expect excellence in engineering design, construction services, and ongoing maintenance support.

Come and see the unit live and in person at the Canadian Hydrogen Conference.

For more information or to order your ONEC Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module Building today, contact us at 780-440-0400 or


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