Our business is about building relationships and encouraging collaboration.

We understand that the way to complete successful projects is through key partnerships. By aligning with others, we maximize our potential to offer our clients the BEST services.

ONEC’s existing and future Indigenous partnerships are managed by ONEC Nations Ltd. ONEC Nations Ltd.’s goal is to support Operational Excellence and Indigenous Inclusion practices in the execution of design-build project work in the power, utilities, housing, renewables, agriculture, chemicals, oil & gas, and metals & mining sectors.

Each of our partnerships has a fundamental goal to encourage Indigenous and local business involvement. Our objective is to succeed along with the communities in which we work by offering Indigenous individuals the opportunity to envisage a career path within ONEC.  All of ONEC’s business units, partnerships, and disciplines both understand and utilize the strength of the Treaties that bind the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities together, and know that combining ONEC’s technical knowledge with the local knowledge and skills of the Indigenous communities is a winning combination.

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Atim Ka Mikosit-ONEC

Atim Ka Mikosit/ONEC (Atim-ONEC) is our partnership based in Fort Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan with a local Indigenous company, Red Dog Holdings Ltd. The focus of this partnership will be providing engineering and construction services to the southern Saskatchewan market, particularly in community infrastructure (water, wastewater, power) and local industry (potash, refining, fertilizers and energy).

To visit the Atim-ONEC website, click here.

For more information on Red Dog Holdings, click here to visit their website.

ONEC Logistics Kitamaat LP

ONEC Logistics Kitamaat LP is a partnership between Haisla Nation and ONEC Logistics. This partnership was formed to pursue flight logistic contracts for major projects in NWBC region, particularly in the Kitimat/Terrace area. For more information, click here to visit the Logistics page.


Breeze is the developer for early CAPS power plants. The company will add innovation, subject matter experts (SMEs) and regulatory coordination for the market as the first plants are operational. We will use our SMEs to share lessons learned to other implementations. We will work with equipment, software, and other interfaces to CAPS through joint ventures and sharing our testing environment. Finally, Breeze will work between the public, utilities, EPCs, developers, IEs and other parties to develop standards, safety rules and certifications of CAPS deployments.

Fort McKay ONEC

Fort McKay ONEC is a partnership between ONEC and Fort McKay Alcor. This partnership was formed to deliver comprehensive project delivery services to the Fort McMurray region.