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We are proud to share that ONEC, together with various contractors, recently completed the engineering, construction, and site installation of a re-locatable body-holding building intended to provide temporary holding/storage of the deceased awaiting funeral services, autopsy, and investigation for surrounding communities in the Northwest Territories.

This project required collaboration between ONEC’s multidisciplinary engineering and construction teams. ONEC’s engineering groups provided the structural engineering of the building skid, electrical engineering, and managed sub-contracted mechanical systems engineering including HVAC. 


ONEC’s mechanical and electrical construction teams completed all fabrication and final assembly. ONEC was also responsible for the final site installation of the building.

All engineering and construction work met or exceeded the requirements of the GNWT PWS “Good Building Practice for Northern Facilities,” 3rd Edition, 2011, all applicable ASHRAE standards and guidelines, regular industry practice for similar facilities, and all other applicable codes and standards.


We want to thank partnering contractors and our staff for their efforts during the completion of this project. We would also like to thank the client for the opportunity to deliver this project and provide a valued service to their communities.



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