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For this month’s Halloween edition of the ONEC Advantage Blog, we are proud to share a project success story on a recently completed project.

A large PLA pellet production facility in Thailand subcontracted the de-dusting and air conveyor piping design to a company in the United States. This company had previously worked with ONEC on various projects ranging from piping design to specialized equipment design. ONEC was contracted to model the de-dusting and air conveyor piping and equipment layout for this facility. A customized pipe specification was developed with the client for this challenging project which grew in scope over time. ONEC adapted to new project requirements and provided a large set of deliverables.

ONEC’s scope of supply included:

  • Create piping specifications in Autodesk Plant 3D based on client requirements.
  • Import equipment models and locate for main model.
  • Model all interconnecting piping for the system.
  • Create piping isometrics and orthographic drawings.
  • Create material take off list separated by piping groups.

The client had this to say about ONEC’s work on this project:

“I would like to thank ONEC for their exceptional work on the PLA pellet air conveyor system. We were very pleased with the quality of ONEC’s deliverables (over 200 drawings detailing an extensive model that was integral to project planning) and your team’s responsiveness throughout the project. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.”

We love meeting our clients’ expectations and thank all the staff involved in the successful execution of this project.

Thanks for reading this month’s edition of the ONEC Advantage Blog and have a safe and happy Halloween!


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