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In honour of Earth Day, the team at ONEC would like to remember the ‘E’ in HSE by acknowledging, sharing, and celebrating some of the essential environmental initiatives and accomplishments made by our teams and clients in this edition of the ONEC Advantage Blog!

Even before adopting our latest ONEC Purpose Statement: “To continually improve the industrial facilities of our business partners through effective project delivery, maintenance, and innovation,” ONEC has always strived to encourage and enact sustainable development. In 2016, when our teams first began working to develop renewable energy solutions,

ONEC installed solar panels on the roof of our Edmonton Headquarters. Since their installation, these panels have generated 120 MWh of energy and saved over 47,030 kg of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of planting 1,404 trees! In addition to making our facilities more environmentally friendly, ONEC has also worked alongside our clients to improve their operations. ONEC has completed six coal-to-gas conversion projects, effectively assisting them in reducing emissions. ONEC also has completed components of industrial solar projects across Canada and the United States. These solar projects have ranged from 1MWs to 400 MWs and included various scopes and disciplines of ONEC. We are also currently assisting with installing a wind turbine in Northern Canada.

On the hydrogen front, ONEC’s 5kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) Module Building is the latest green solution to meet our clients’ emergency power backup needs. We incorporated Gencell technology and are currently testing it for our cold climate. ONEC recently exhibited at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention at the Edmonton Convention Centre. This building was on site for attendees to see live and in person. For more information on the ONEC HFC, click here.

All these initiatives have the common goal of improving with industry and making positive impacts that will aid in the transition to a cleaner and greener future. At ONEC, we look forward to continuing to do our part to remember and support the ‘E’ in HSE.


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