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Workplace safety is important. We know this.

1/3 of our lives will be spent at work, so it’s no surprise that workplace safety plays such an integral role in our physical and mental well-being. Our teams and their safety have always been a priority, and we strive to not only comply with safety protocols and mandates, but make workplace safety a core component of our corporate culture, company vision, and strategic plans. That’s why we’ve included workplace safety as the “S” alongside success in our BEST values statement, knowing that without it, we cannot hope to achieve success for ourselves or our clients.

This year, right now, workplace safety and safety as a whole could not be of greater significance. We, and the entire globe, for one of the few times throughout our human history, are in the midst of a pandemic. We are engaged in a battle against an unseen foe that threatens each and every one of us. Our leaders, both political, medical, and within the workplace have enacted measures to protect us. We’ve closed our facilities. We’ve cancelled corporate events. Schools have been closed and most of us are working remotely to flatten the curve of new infections.

Safety is at the forefront of our minds, and that focus has and will pay off. We must continue to work together for the common good by remaining diligent in our efforts to use safety to combat this disease. As always, ONEC is committed to keeping our employees and clients safe by following the guidelines set out by our governments and enacting additional precautions. These added precautions and measures, combined with a positive outlook, will help us in the footrace to a safe and successful future. Because without one, the other is simply not possible.

We wish you all good health!


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