Electrical Engineering

ONEC provides electrical engineering services through ONEC Engineering. We work with our industrial, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical clients in two broad areas: electrical engineering and instrumentation and control. The Electrical Engineering team is led by Ravi Grewal, P.Eng.

Typical electrical project work on new and existing facilities includes on-line diagram design, schematic and wiring drawings, area classification, electrical distribution systems, protection settings, coordination studies, specification of major equipment, grounding design, lighting design, motor and VFD controls and electric heat trace design. Project work in the instrumentation and control area includes instrument selection, valve sizing, control panel/cabinet design, analyzer system design, cabinet layouts, field support, DCS, PLC and HMI design.

Design and Build – House Mountain – ATCO Power
Design, Build, and Construction Management (DBCM) – City of Edmonton
Highvale Mine 480V Services
Palisades Turbine Injection Skid