We believe in doing business based on trust and working closely with our clients to deliver innovative solutions that ensure they maintain a lasting competitive advantage.

ONEC Upstream is a land-based drilling rig design solutions provider offering industry leading engineering and manufacturing services.

ONEC Upstream is led by Tyson Springer, P.Eng.

Our scope of services:

  • Engineering Design & Product Development:
    • New concept development
    • Modification of our customer’s existing designs
  • Rig Inspections (Service and Maintenance Plans)
  • Validation Services:
    • Static Loading Scenarios:
      • Stress, strain, and deflection analysis
      • Connection analysis (welded, bolted, custom)
      • Failure analysis investigation
      • Non-linear material analysis
      • Ground bearing pressure
    • Dynamic Loading Scenarios:
      • Machine design
      • Transportation loading
      • Harmonic and vibration response
      • Fatigue life analysis
    • Environmental Loading Scenarios:
      • Storm wind loading
      • Cold weather analysis
      • Snow loading
      • Seismic structural analysis
      • Static and dynamic friction
      • Heat transfer
  • Manufacturing Solutions
  • Managed Project Services:
    • Design-build
    • Customized products

Our engineers use only the best analysis tools to validate designs, and ensure safety, functionality, and longevity. Our tools include:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Stick and Nodal Structural Analysis
  • Automated calculations
  • Physical testing

Our team is also familiar with validating the following ABC, ABSA, API, AISC, ANSI, ASCE, ASME, ASTM, AWS, CAODC, CSA, IADC, IBC, NACE, NBCC, SAE design codes.

At ONEC Upstream, we take the time to really listen to you so we can fully understand your project needs and requirements. And if your needs change, we’re ready to adapt and implement new solutions.

Upstream Team
Tyson Springer, P.Eng.
ONEC Upstream Manager

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Shaun Morton, CET
ONEC Upstream Project Manager

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Wes Schroeder, P.Eng.
ONEC Upstream Design Engineer

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Craig Zingel, CET
ONEC Upstream Designer

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Joshua Kijewski, P.Eng.
ONEC Upstream Design Engineer

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