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At ONEC, we recognize that life and business are all about people. When you think about our team, we want you to think professional, personable, and innovative because those are the types of people we seek out, knowing the value they’ll bring to our organization and, ultimately, to our clients.

Ratheesh, ONEC’s Quality Control Manager, has been an integral part of ONEC for close to 6 years. His vast work experience, great quality control work and his ability to build strong relationships with clients has made him invaluable to the ONEC team. Ratheesh has lots of stories to tell about his amazing work experience and can share them in any of the 4 languages he speaks fluently!

In 2003, Ratheesh graduated from Kerala University in India with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His career began as a QA/QC Engineer at the Jamnager Refinery, the largest oil refinery in the world. He worked for several other smaller companies before his career led him to Qatar. Ratheesh work at various sites throughout Qatar as QA/QC Supervisor overseeing shutdowns.

From Qatar, Ratheesh’s found himself working offshore of Nigeria, Gabon, and Angola as a QA/QC Engineer for underwater pipelines. After 2 years offshore, he moved to Gabon and continued to work as a QA/QC Engineer for 6 more years until he was promoted to Yard/ Fabrication Manager. For 7 months he managed close to 100 employees, managed HSE, controlled scheduling, managed procurement and all other elements of a fabrication shop and yard.

In 2010, Ratheesh and his wife Divya, who is also an engineer, applied to come to Canada under Federal Skilled Workers program. In 2014, with 2 engineering degrees, lots of work experience and a toddler, they moved to Canada. When Ratheesh is not working hard at ONEC he enjoys spending his time with wife and their 2 amazing sons Nived (11) and Ishaan (5).


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