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Summer is almost over, and even though it’s been a summer pretty unlike those we’ve had before, it’s still hard not to feel a little sad that fall is just around the corner.

But, despite the challenges of COVID-19, this summer was still a significant one for ONEC Group of Companies.

For example, in June we celebrated our 20th year in business, and although we were unable to celebrate in-person with all of our staff, clients, and partners, we are grateful for the past 20 years and look forward to what the next year will bring.

And, even though many of us at ONEC are working remotely from home, and our offices remain closed to the public, our staff have continued to be positive and stay engaged, despite the lack of face-to-face interaction and communication. If nothing else, the distance imposed by COVID-19 has revealed the resilience and dedication of our colleagues, and we appreciate their efforts and determination in ensuring the continued satisfaction of our clients.

But what would summer be without summer vacation? Warm days with family and friends might have been a bit different, or fewer and farther between this summer, but we hope that everyone was still able to take a break, and most importantly, recharge.

As we continue to navigate this new normal after summer and into fall, the new school year, and beyond, we remain committed to working together to stay safe, healthy, and ready to support our clients.

We hope you enjoyed your summer and wish you continued good health!


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