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It has certainly been a year.

From mid-December through to January, typically this time of year has all of us reminiscing – thinking back on significant moments, goals met or unmet, and of course, aspirations for the new year.

Well, with 2020 being a year unlike any before, this period of reflection likely felt a bit different than years prior. Amid contemplating the trajectories of our own careers and/or home-life, we have also had to persevere through a pandemic, economic stress, and social and political strife.

Though it might be difficult to see past the storm when looking back at all that was 2020, it is important to give yourself (and those around you) some credit and focus on the highlights that made the year a little more bearable.

In that spirit, we would like to begin this new year by acknowledging the successes achieved and challenges overcome within our organization, starting with anniversary of our 20th year in business. Although we could not celebrate with colleagues, partners, and clients in the traditional sense due to gathering restrictions imposed by COVID-19, we still honor and thank all those who contributed to this monumental milestone.

Internally, last year brought some organizational change to ONEC with the formation of our new Market Focused Teams (check out the October Edition of this blog for more information), while externally, we were still able to continue to grow our operations in both Canada and the United States. We welcomed new team members, secured new projects, and completed others on time and on budget.

And last, but certainly not least, we must acknowledge the commitment to quality and efficiency demonstrated by our teams throughout the course of 2020. Despite having to adjust to remote work strategies and social distancing measures on and off site, our staff rose to the occasion and continued to work collaboratively and effectively to meet the needs of our clients.

Although we are all happy to put 2020 officially behind us as the first month of 2021 comes to a close, we choose to recall the hope, dedication, and unity this unprecedented year revealed.

We wish you continued good health and prosperity in the new year!


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