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At ONEC, we know the importance of self-reflection, goal setting, and the refreshed outlook that comes with the beginning of a new year. With the first month of 2022 wrapping up, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge our successes, the resiliency of our staff, clients, partners, and communities, and obstacles conquered.

Despite the ongoing pandemic and its far-reaching impacts on our day-to-day, ONEC’s multidiscipline teams demonstrated their commitment to quality and their coworkers and clients by executing various projects safely and effectively. We want to thank all our staff for coming together to ensure ONEC could support our clients’ needs and facilities.

We also added new talent to our teams both within corporate and operations functions with continuous improvement in mind. These new staff members will help facilitate ONEC’s organizational objectives in Quality, Human Resources, Administration, and project execution within our project delivery teams.

2021 was a year of innovation for ONEC. In November, ONEC held its first ONEC Technologies Open House at our Edmonton shop location. Although hosting an event during a pandemic posed specific challenges and limitations, we were thrilled to be able to safely interact with some of our clients face-to-face and showcase some of our latest products and services alongside some of our valued business partners. One of the products showcased at the Open House was the ONEC Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module Building which operates on industrial grade hydrogen to deliver clean, reliable power in emergencies, acting as an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) while the primary power supply is being restored or as a continuous power source. We are very excited to offer this product to our clients and look forward to contributing to the global renewable energy transition.

Although 2021 was rife with trials, we are thankful for our continued success and growth and look forward with optimism to the rest of 2022.

Wishing everyone good health and much success this year!


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