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During a global pandemic, not much is certain.

In fact, our new normal is one rooted in uncertainty, from day to day, economic, and otherwise. Yes, COVID-19 has made the future difficult to predict, but at ONEC, we continue to rely on our commitment to innovation and agility, our staff, and our partners to help create a future of shared success and growth.

One example of this growth is the ongoing momentum of ONEC Group Inc., our USA-based operations. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, our USA team has made great strides in the recent months.

First, the team launched an independent ONEC Group Inc. website. Not only is the website aesthetically pleasing, but it is also easily navigated and includes content designed to provide our USA-based clientele with a personalized user experience.

But the new website is only the tip of the iceberg. Other examples of growth include the recent acquisition of various companies to help ONEC Group Inc. expand their service offering, the development of a clean HVAC initiative to help combat the risks of COVID-19 in building interiors, the hiring of new talent, and further growth and expansion in the organic grow operations markets.

ONEC Group Inc. is also poised to begin work on a new multimillion-dollar multifamily residential homes project, among others, and is working to build relationships within their communities. Recently, the team participated in a coats for kids charity initiative in the tenderloin district of San Francisco, California.

Without the resilience of our teams, growth like this would not be possible.

One certainty in these uncertain times? All of us at ONEC, no matter where we are, are here to serve our clients and the communities we work in. We will continue to work diligently to keep our teams healthy and ready to support our clients, so that together, we can continue towards a bright future.


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