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At ONEC, we recognize that life and business are all about the people. When you think about our team, we want you to think professional, personable, and innovative because those are the types of people we seek out, knowing the value they’ll bring to our organization and, ultimately, to our clients.

This month’s edition of the ONEC Advantage Blog is a Staff Spotlight: Q&A on long-time Mechanical Designer & Industrial Animations Specialist Aaron Briscall. With over 13 years of design experience spanning several industries, Aaron is proficient with SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD 3D, Plant 3D, 3dsmax, and ASME piping design codes. He has designed modular buildings, specialized tanks, conveyor chute/belt cleaner upgrades, diesel generator installations, food processing, equipment installations, elevator expansion vent adapters, custom truck bodies, arc-resistant doors, skids, instrument/analyzer panels, temporary power distribution systems, and water treatment piping systems. He has also developed 3D-rendered animations for industrial risk management projects, proposals, and past and current industrial products. As an optional value-add for our clients, Aaron can add rendered models into photographs providing a realistic preview of the final installation.

Let’s get to know Aaron a little better. Check out the Q&A portion of this Staff Spotlight below!

Before working at ONEC, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
I sold scuba diving equipment, water skis, and wakeboards in retail sales. The owner taught me much about how customers react to items and sales. I also learned how to interact with customers and problem-solve. In terms of life skills, it probably was the best job I ever had.

How did you first learn about ONEC?
A person I worked with at a previous company was working at ONEC and overheard that they required someone who could do a high-detail instrumentation panel design using Solidworks. He knew I did this type of work where I was currently working. I had an interview, and the rest is history.

How has ONEC helped you in your career development?
ONEC has allowed me to learn and grow in ways many organizations don’t offer. The variety of work I have encountered over the years has made me highly versatile. ONEC also has an extraordinarily flexible and progressive office environment and culture. Site visits and fieldwork experience teach you to think differently and working with the construction team has also been highly positive. Working on product development for ONEC has inspired me to create my own products.

What hobbies or interests do you have?
I drew a lot when I was younger and liked to carve wood or soapstone in art class. Graphic design and 3D modeling were something I started learning when I was 16 and kept practicing. It feels good to create or invent things and enjoy them after. Designing models for 3D printing is a hobby I have, which I also do for clients outside of ONEC. I also enjoy wakeboarding when someone has a boat. I play video games for about an hour every two weeks, just for a quick bit of fun, and I enjoy doing 3D animation or basic game design, just building a virtual place and being creative. Recently I found listening to music with a good set of headphones to be a new interest that has been very relaxing.

Advice for the next generation of people in their teens or 20s?
Have fun with people in person and experience real moments doing anything. Meet somewhere to talk in a park or restaurant instead of texting. Learn how not to let any distractions break your focus. If you can focus on a goal, you will progress quickly and have that competitive edge over others. Choose to be happy. Find a job that gives you a sense of purpose or happiness. Be patient. It’s the hardest thing to do, but patience will help you in every aspect of your personal and working life as you age.


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